Sunseed Farm

We've developed a great Excel based crop planning tool that can be useful to any grower, and we're offering it for free to download.  Check out some of its features below:


Pre-loaded planting dates, spacing and transplant seeding specifications for over 50 different vegetable crops.  This includes planting dates for spring, summer and fall crops, as well as schedules for winter growing in hoophouses

For the beginner to Excel spreadsheets, this tool might seem overwhelming.  We wish that we could provide more support and instruction on how to use this, but farming demands our time!

Note: there is a lot of data on this spreadsheet!  We recommend that you first highlight all of the data, resize to font size 6, then zoom in to 140% before you try to do anything with it.

Special thanks to Michelle Ferrarese, Jeremy Moghtader, John Biernbaum and all the folks at the MSU Student Organic Farm for doing the research and compiling the data that went into the first prototype of this spreadsheet.  Thanks to the SOF for teaching aspiring farmers and helping to create a spirit of collaboration among Michigan growers.