Meet The Team

Marvin Tucker

Marvin TuckerFounder and Chief Editor

Marvin is what you would call a small-town guy with big dreams. Having lived his whole childhood moving from town to town because of his mother’s job, when the time came to settle down he and his wife Lora decided that they weren’t about that city life anymore.

In 2012, by the time their first son, Jason was born, they were already planning their big escape to the country.

Since 2019, the Tuckers own 40 acres of land on which they built their family farm. Since 2022, Marvin is the chief editor at Farm Sun Seed, which he also founded.

Lora Tucker

Lora TuckerEditorial Director

Lora’s first passion is teaching, and she has indeed been an elementary school teacher for almost ten years. Her first approach to cultivated land was actually gardening, then she moved on to “bigger things” as she likes to say referring to their 40 acres.

Lora wasn’t always a “city gal” — her childhood was spent in a small town surrounded by nothing but forests and green fields. That’s why growing up, she always thought she would love the buzzing city life, until she received the call of nature again.

She and Marvin share a passion for handy work and she’s actually the one who suggested moving to the countryside first (even though Marvin would swear they had the same idea at the same time).

Today, Lora splits her time between farming, blogging, and homeschooling Jason and little Nancy. A busy, yet fulfilling life, in her words.

Jake Hill

Jake HillContributing Editor

The faithful meeting between Jake and the Tuckers happened in 2021, while Jake was working on a thesis paper for his BSc Agriculture degree. After visiting the Tuckers’ farm, he became fascinated by how they managed to become such skilled farmers from zero in so little time, and thus started a friendship that turned into an important contribution to Farm Sun Seed.

Jake brings his knowledge in biology, environmental science, and business to the project, but also the mechanical skills inherited from working at his father’s workshop since he was a teenager. There is hardly anything he cannot fix if he tries!

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